CathChat was set up to provide a space for the sole use of those living with urological conditions to meet and share experiences of living with catheter use. We at CathChat see value in engaging with others in similar situations. Catheters are often a fundamental part of our lives, we live with everyday, and we are never without them. CathChat aims to become a community space where all aspects of catheters’ can be discussed openly and honestly. We hope you find CathChat helpful, but above all, we hope you enjoy being a part of a vibrant, welcoming and pleasant community.

The Team

Chris Proudlove;

Hannah Sanders

A word from the founder

Just a little about me. I’m 23 and have a neuropathic bladder of uncertain origins. The short story is that my bladder was uncontrollable and never really grew. After substantive operations and treatments I finally had a bladder augmentation meaning I am now self-catheterising through an abdominal stoma. For much of my late teens up until now I was looking for a site where I could talk to others of the same age with similar experiences, and although there are some great sites out there, none really fitted what I felt was needed...so here is CathChat! I felt what was needed; was a more casual space; after all, we all have our own ways of living with our conditions, so CathChat aims to offer whatever it is that’s useful in a way in which is more amenable and much more focused on us. I look forward to seeing the CathChat community grow and hope CathChat can not only be of benefit, but a place we would all want to use!

Special thanks to our supporters